If you wish to spend time with your loved ones, Kebab E Que is the best place for you. Our exclusive romantic roof-top restaurant is equipped with artificial rain effect for the most exquisite and perfect ambience. Enjoy the luxury of fresh air and the skies with our heavenly food we serve which ranges with different  delicacies of multi cuisine. Every day is a feast here under the stars & the sky.


The Fennel restaurant serves multi-cuisine delicacies that cater a wide range of guests far and near. Food ranges from Continental food to Indian delicacies, cooked by Chefs trained to fulfill your taste buds.  Combined with exquisite ambience, Fennel restaurant will provide a world class experience with respect to taste as well service. Restaurant also serves a wide display of buffet.


Bliss Bar, a perfect venue to relax after a long day, or a holiday chill-out with friends over a perfect drink. Balanced for enjoyment and comfort, Bliss will give you the perfect place that gives the mood of party place without losing the intention to provide a private vibe. Our guests has the privilege to choose from a wide range of drinks from domestic  to imported.



Whether its business over a coffee or an occasional visit to relax, Grand Residence’s own Tea Kadai is the perfect hangout cave for all genre of guests. The Coffee place is crafted with the concept of attracting local people and regulars who have come to relax in our Lobby on business trip. Our guests have the scope to choose from a variety of Tea and Coffee along with contemporary delicious snacks in a cool and elegant atmosphere.